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Direct SEO Services provide affordable  Search Engine Optimisation to help you rank in the search results.

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Search engine optimisation – the process of making your site as visible as possible on search engine results pages through organic searches. This process involves offline and on-page SEO; using the latest technology and best practises such as keywords and content to ensure your site is the best it can be. And offline SEO, ensuring the best use is made of such things as back links, social media, and other off-page aids favoured by search engine crawlers.

In the early days of internet marketing, sprinkling a copious number of keywords throughout your content was considered enough for the search engines to notice your site and rank you high on their results pages for organic marketing. Not anymore. With thousands of internet organic marketing pages going live on a daily basis, the big search engines needed to add additional criteria on which to base the quality and reliability of web pages for search results ranking.

At  Direct Seo Services in Glasgow we cover all bases. We take careful note of Google’s regular algorithm changes to their organic search criteria, and optimise our clients’ sites to take into account the changing trends of internet marketing. As  SEO specialists we utilise the latest SEO marketing tools and apps to help drive our clients’ sites to the top of the rankings. While keywords still play a large part in search engine optimisation, so to do a number of other things. Take a look.

Site Appeal:

From the very beginning, the overall appeal of your ecommerce/web site will have not just a bearing on how long customers choose to stay, and how many convert a look to a sale, but also whether it is seen favourably by the search engines. Background colour, font size and text colour. Is the site crowded, do all page links and back links work, do any on-page videos work and does the site load quickly? Is the site regularly updated with fresh content and most importantly, is it smartphone friendly.

Content and Keywords:

keyword reseacrh glasgow seoAs we’ve already mentioned, keywords still play a big part, but not in the old fashioned way. Today long-tailed, properly researched keywords take preference over single keywords. That said, using to many keywords, long tailed or otherwise, is frowned upon rather than an advantage. High quality content will always have a place in SEO. Nowadays however, a greater amount of info-graphics, photographs, and videos are included alongside that content.

Local Glasgow SEO:

As a Glasgow/East Kilbride SEO service provider, many of our clients are Glasgow based businesses and require maximum local exposure via our services. An absolute must for local smartphone searches, your business registered with Google and Bing’s local business directories will help ensure local consumers can connect to your services or products through organic searches.

Social Media Optimisation:

social media marketing glasgowNew business or an established one, one thing we all crave is maximum exposure and increased traffic to our site. Improving brand image, informing consumers of new products or services, and increasing traffic numbers can all be achieved with proper use of a variety of social media platforms. At Direct SEO services Glasgow we can track where your visitors arrive from, which platforms would serve your particular business best, and the best type of social media content to generate interest, increase traffic, and optimise your inbound marketing strategy.

Keeping an eye on the competition:

research competitionNo matter what the business, we all like to know what the competition is doing. If nothing else it’s good business practise to be aware of what’s going on, especially if they regularly achieve higher SERP ratings. For instance there are a number of apps which monitor the number of times your chosen competitor is mentioned or linked-to online. Another app will provide the number of tweets your chosen competitor makes, and what they say. And yet another tool which will tell you the keywords your competitors are using. Our internet search agency in Glasgow can utilise all of these tools and more to help you move ahead of the competition.

Outbound Marketing:

marketing in seoGrowing a business involves both attracting new custom, and enjoying an increasing level of return custom. To help keep and increase this valuable return trade our SEO agency in Glasgow can organise a variety of email campaigns using the likes of MailChimp, to provide consumers with a weekly/monthly newsletter, provide new product information, or information on sales or other promotional activity. Other forms of outbound marketing include direct mail shots, telemarketing, and stands at trade shows and other events.

Our SEO agency in Scotland is not just about keywords. If you want local search engine optimization in East Kilbride we can arrange it. If you want local Jackton search engine optimization we can arrange that to.No matter where you are based we are always happy and available to provide you with a first class service to help your business/website thrive and rank well for all of your keywords.Having an online presence is important now adays and being able to show up high on page 1 of the search results is very important

Unfortunately, search engine optimisation is not a defined science. Each client’s services, products, and location are different. What works for one client’s website may not work for another. At Glasgow SEO we appreciate these differences. While the basics of search engine optimisation remain solid, variations in off-line SEO have to be taken into account. Which social media platforms perform best for different categories, what is the client’s marketing style, and which directories will achieve the best results for specific businesses.

When you choose to use our Glasgow SEO service be prepared to answer a lot of questions. If you are a new start up we want to know what your aims and aspirations are. How much or how little site optimisation you want us to be involved in and the level of SEO you are looking for. If you are an established business unhappy with your page ranking results, we want to know why you are unhappy and where you feel the problem lies. Only then can we discuss the way forward.

As an SEO specialist company, whether you are a sole-trader, or large national company, we work closely with all our clients to achieve the best page ranking results we can. We offer flexible monthly plans, and as many consultations as necessary to answer your questions and queries. Improved page ranking doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to fit all the little SEO jigsaw pieces together. Once that has been achieved, improved page ranking will be the completed picture. Call Direct SEO Services today, and let us begin getting your website where you want it to be.